"Richie…… Personal trainer, Nutritionist Savvy Shopper, Life Coach so the list goes on" 

- Jacqueline George

"Richie…… Personal trainer, Nutritionist Savvy Shopper, Life Coach so the list goes on.

I started having training sessions with Richie in May this year (2016) and to say he has transformed my life in so many ways would be an understatement

There were no body measurements or weighing at initial consultation just a cursory glance as he mentally prepared a programme to suit my needs.

I can honestly say I look forward to my sessions with him , every sessions is different subtly increasing the intensity, until you can actually see your body transforming .

Further he is very flexible I know I drive him to distraction with swopping my appointments due to work commitments however he is the ultimate professional and nothing is too much trouble for him.

Richie has an extremely positive approach to life which is transferable to his clients. This positive attitude encourages us to work hard to achieve our individual goals". - August 2016

Jacqueline George

"He taught me how to manage my nutrition" 

- Lisa

"I first started training with rich a very long time ago, early 2007 to be exact, I had my wedding coming up and I was very much above the weight I wanted to be and used to be!

In a very short period of time he got me in shape and into the dress that I dreamed of wearing!  However, my main journey with rich started years later when I had gained a lot more weight and was really unhappy with my size and fitness levels.  I decided I needed a life change and from previous experience I knew Richard was the person to do this. In the short period of around six months I went from a size 16 to a size 10!

With his enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement I got myself in to better shape than I knew possible.  He taught me how to manage my nutrition while pushing myself to limits I didn't think I could reach.  Not only did I lose weight but my overall health improved, my confidence grew and I found myself completing challenges such as survival of the fittest and competing multiple half marathons, which I never though I would be capable of.   After having a baby I once again went back to Richard, he helped me to lose that extra baby weight and more importantly worked with me to strengthen my back from carrying the extra weight, in no time I felt I was back to my normal self.   I wouldn't go anywhere else if I ever felt I needed the encouragement, help, support and knowledge of a personal trainer!"

"The passion this man has for what he does is unreal"

- Mary Kate

"I first started with Rich in January 2016 on recommendation of a friend. I have a passion for exercising, keeping a fit and healthy life style. However this passion & confidence I originally had in the gym disappeared in September 2015. I was at the time a member at a local cross-fit box, which I loved. As I'm a big fan on of high intensity varied workouts whilst weight training too.I was at the box one day going about the WOD that had been given. This included a lot of deadlifting in high numbers. During that session I felt a twinge in my lower back, I was told at this time was probably fatigued muscles, I continued with the WOD.. The next day, I could barely move or get out of bed. This meant no training for me as I couldn't even sneeze without nearly falling to the floor..After biding Rich for the first time and explaining my situation and that I had lost all confidence I had in the gym. He advised the next steps for me was to isolate the problem and rebuild the muscle groups around it to may it sting again. I was quite sceptical at this session and thought, that's never going to work.How wrong was I, little did I know this guy had a passion ( some may refer to has an obsession) a fountain of physical, nutritional knowledge.As Rich was aware, I have a massive love for cross-fit and wanted to keep with high intensity workouts, whilst weight training and rebuilding my muscles in the lower back to Injury. This he definitely delivered, this guy breaths variation in the gym like no other personal trainer I have worked with.As time went on May Injury In my lower back become less painful, the muscles were getting stronger & so was I. My confidence went from zero to hero in no time. I only have Rich to thank for that.To great disappointment (of not being able to have my PT with me in Leeds) I made a big move to Leeds. Before training with Rich my confidence would still have been at a low however due to his help over the 7 months my confidence was at a high that I took to The gym I have now joined there.I have not lost rich, he still provides me with plans to use at the gym each week. He's still on hand for any questions and nutritional support.The passion this man has for what he does is unreal, I believe there is no other."

"Rich isn't just a PT, his support is threefold; exercise, nutrition and psychological" 

- Ffion

"Rich was recommended and, having had two other PT's prior over the past few years; 1) I thought I had a pretty good grasp on exercises to work on each area to create a workout 2) I presumed our sessions would be similar to what I had previously experienced. But Rich is on a whole different level!! His passion for his job was obvious from the outset. Our sessions are so varied, I've discovered muscles I didn't know existed! Rich is a fountain of knowledge, on top of our workouts we constantly chat about nutrition. He is always coming up with new meal ideas and how to improve what I already like to cook. Furthermore, he is a great motivator and life coach. If I'm ever struggling with anything (for me, I suffer with anxiety/depression) I can send him a message and he will pull me back. He genuinely enjoys helping people, and his positivity is infectious! Rich isn't just a PT, his support is threefold; exercise, nutrition and psychological. #MFFP"

"Within a month I had visibly lost weight" 

- Emma A

"Working with Richie on my fitness is awsome! Making that first contact was really nerve racking, however Richie put me at ease immediately. I explained my situation. .that I have a condition called fibromialgia..2 prolapsed discs and a trapped sciatic nerve. These combined can really limit my movements. Richie has adapted each of my sessions depending on my ability at that time. Richie supports and encourages me in all aspects of my well being, not just my muscles, every step of the way. With no fat test and no weighing scales in sight. No shouting , no negativity no humiliation, just positive motivation all the way. Richie has introduced me to a whole new way of training. Within a month I had visibly lost weight had more energy and gained definition and was eating a healthier diet. My overall strengh and fitness has improved greatly. Our sessions are always hard work with an element of fun. Richie is motivated, passionate and always up beat , Richie has infectious positivity and enthusiasm and is a real driving force with broad knowledge."

" I can't recommend him enough" 

- Wendy

"I started training with Richard in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. What I achieved with Richards help was far more than this! Using kettle bells and various body weight exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from him, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. He is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational and I can't recommend him enough."

"his passion to help clients" 

- Leanness F

"A couple of years ago Richard tried to get me to join him and exercise, but I was too shy about my weight and lack of fitness. Last year after talking through my fears I took the plunge and went and met Richard. I have been training with Richard for a number of months now, I have been challenged and pushed and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals, so much so that I had the confidence to also join a boot camp on days I don’t train with Richard. I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, and his vast knowledge of fitness, nutrition and the body. He is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of."

"I wish I done all this sooner!" 

- Emma S

"Well where to start I've been trying to lose weight for ages and I would eat healthy for a while and then hit a brick wall being diabetic it was important to try and get a balanced lifestyle, one time my friend recommended the personal trainer that she was using at first I was really unsure about going as my confidence isn't the best, so she made the suggestion a few more times so I gave in and went, at first I was nervous and worried about silly little things but then I met Richard and within the first half hour I actually felt really comfortable. He listened and understood what I wanted to achieve. He suggested the food I needed to eat and set up an exercise plan and each week set new targets. With his encouragement he made me realise I could do more fitness then I believed. He has raised my confidence and since trainer with him I have physically, emotionally and mentality improved myself. The only regret I have is I wish I done all this sooner and not wasted so much time in thinking I can't when really looking back now I can."

"YOU can achieve anything!"

- Ben Sperandeo

"Thanks to Richard Ford, I'm currently walking around with my head high and feel l have a spring in my step. I have tried the "gym" experience and it wasn't for me..so I contacted Richard Ford after initial assessment of my individual ability, Richard's knowledge about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle allowed him to make my sessions personal to me working around areas of weakness and making them stronger through intense exercise helping to progress over a short period of time. when you go to "the gym" it's very easy to waste time and remain low in confidence due to the people around you. When you train hard and intense over a 60 minute period, get educated regarding your diet and visually see the difference in your appearance, your confidence starts to build and the sky is your limit... If you want to waste time and money on a gym membership and wonder why there is no change over a long period, then you should opt for a different route and really change your life.. For the best. It feels good when friends and family comment on how your looking well. Through hard work and a couple of changes to your lifestyle and diet YOU can achieve anything!!! I'm just at the start of my journey but I've started and now there's no looking back..."

"Richard's Expert Advice!" 

- Danielle

"I have been training with Richard for a few weeks, I love my work outs, all something different and never boring. Richards knowledge of nutrition and the body is second to none. From our first session I realised how passionate he was to help and inspire people. I can't wait to see my results that I know I'm going to achieve thanks to Richards expert advice."