Online Plans

Our online plans are designed specifically for you.  These plans will help you achieve your goals within the time scale set.  You can choose between Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on the time scale, the support needed and the detail of the plan. We will recommend the perfect plan for you.


We use your photos and statistics to determine your body type and set what exercises and meals plans you’ll need to succeed.


We monitor your progress weekly and adjust the plan accordingly.  You will be able to contact our head personal trainer Richard regularly to seek advice and motivation.


Once you’ve signed up for the plan, you will have access to our members area where you’ll see our new recipes and fun exercises.  You will also have a personal page that only you can view.  This page will show your stats and photos so you can actually see your body transform!  You will also have access to our Integra Fitness App to aid you in your training!


We love competition here at Integra Fitness, so you can also be awarded with prizes for doing well!  Please contact us for a quote and get ready for success.